About Us

Laurie and Kelly, sisters born seventeen months apart, have been inseparable since childhood. Raised in an extremely loving and wholesome household in the Hollywood Hills by Film/Television Industry parents, they were always known as The Gilmore Girls … long before there was a television series by that name.

Laurie went on to a career in Film/Television Post-Production, while Kelly followed in their mother’s footprints and became a Television and Print Food Stylist. They both married and had children, three between them, and they continue to make Los Angeles their home.

Laurie retired from the Film/Television Industry after 24 years to finally become a stay-at-home mom and began spending her free time with Kelly, helping her in her social endeavors, fundraising and philanthropic activities.

While continuing to channel her creative abilities, one evening Laurie put pencil to paper with a design idea that resulted in the creation of the Armonitace symbol. She and Kelly, recognizing the unique opportunity to spread this powerful symbol, launched a line of jewelry … and, thus, Armonitace was born.