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New Jewelry Line Embraces the Sentiments of the Season

—  Dec 11 09


PRLog (Press Release) – December 11, 2009 –
Launch of the Armonitace jewelry line promotes religious tolerance through a message of harmony, unity & peace.

Armonitace (pronounced “ahrmoneetachay”), the blending of the Italian words for harmony, unity and peace…armonia, unità and pace, was first conceived conceptually as a pencil drawing created by one of the line’s founders, Laurie Gilmore. Gilmore sketched out a design that embodied the recognizable, intertwining emblems of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist faiths. Upon showing the drawing to her sister, Kelly Day, they both envisioned a line of jewelry that would promote a message of religious tolerance as Laurie had joined Kelly in her pursuit for human rights.

Both Laurie and Kelly, who grew up in the Hollywood Hills, grew passionate about human rights in the Middle East after Kelly’s extensive travels and encounters that exposed her to the opportunities possible to help affect change. It was on Day’s fiftieth birthday that she was presented with an endowment in her name at the James A. Baker, III Institute on Public Policy at Rice University, aptly named “The Kelly Day Endowment on the Status of Women and Human Rights in the Middle East”.

All of the pendants in the line embody Gilmore’s original symbol, hand-crafted in a variety of precious metals, some of which also feature diamonds, seed pearls and hand etching. A variety of chain styles are offered in different lengths allowing for each piece to suit to individual tastes. To add to the allure, custom pieces are available by quotation, which ensures that a unique look and feel can be achieved while maintaining the powerful symbology and representation of this important message.

All of the net proceeds of the line will be donated to foundations dedicated to the promotion of tolerance and the improvement of human rights worldwide.

The jewelry line can be viewed and is now available for online purchases at

For more information, please contact Laurie Gilmore of Armonitace
at 213.703.4954 or at

Download press release (PDF)
My Hope for Peace

—  Nov 12 09

Jehan Sadat, activist and former first lady of Egypt, delivers a message of hope, love
and peace.


Kelly Day with Jehan Sadat and James A. Baker, III
Pictured: Kelly Day, Jehan Sadat, James A. Baker, III
Women as Agents of Change in the Middle East

—  May 08 09

Zainab Salbi discusses the evolving role of women in the Middle East.


Image of
Pictured: Paula Douglass, Zainab Salbi, Kelly Day, Laurie Gilmore

Picture of Kelly Day, Zainab Salbi, James A. Baker, III
Pictured: Kelly Day, Zainab Salbi, James A. Baker, III

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