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kelly day endowment

The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy is pleased to announce the
Kelly Day Endowment on the Status of Women and Human Rights in the Middle East.
This endowment is named in honor of Los Angeles native Mrs. Kelly Day
and in recognition of her commitment to these issues.

Positive strides have been taken by women, governments and international organizations during recent years to engage
Middle Eastern women more actively in public life. The Kelly Day Endowment will fund programs to be hosted at
the Baker Institute and abroad that will bring together Muslims, Christians and Jews to examine human rights issues
and the role of Middle Eastern women in all sectors of society. Understanding both the challenges Middle Eastern women face
and their record of achievements is critical to promoting and safeguarding human rights in the region.
By identifying countries and policies that promote the involvement of women and human rights,
these programs will help policymakers better predict and understand how the broader participation of individuals
in the public and private sector may impact regional attitudes on major domestic and international issues.
These programs will also analyze the correlation between policies intended for the advancement of women and children and progress on
broader goals such as democratic reform, economic advancement and improved education.
The Kelly Day Endowment has established an Advisory Board to help implement the vision of this program.

Members of the board are:
Mrs. Susan Baker, Mrs. Kelly Day, Mrs. Paula Douglass, and Mrs. Ghada Irani.

Founders’ Circle:
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Broad
The Hon. James A. Baker,
III and Mrs. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Day
Mr. and Mrs. Sam P. Douglass
Mr. Bradford M. Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Stern
Mr. and Mrs. John Hotchkis
Mr. Robert F. Maguire,
Wilson-Thornhill Foundation

the ghada irani discretionary fund

The Ghada Irani Discretionary Fund was established in honor of Mrs. Ghada Irani and in recognition of her important involvement in the establishment of the Kelly Day Endowment. This fund is intended to complement the broader goals of the Kelly Day Endowment by supporting research and activities that promote new and innovative ways to better understand and improve upon the policies and practices that impact women and human rights in the Middle East.
In addition, the fund also will sponsor special projects in the form of microgrants that the Kelly Day Endowment’s
Advisory Board has identified as meaningful to the advancement of women’s issues in the Middle East.