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is the result of combining harmony, unity and peace
using the Italian words: armonia, unità and pace.
Intertwined within the Armonitace symbol
are the familiar religious emblems for the
Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist faiths.

our wish

Just as these symbols intertwine, we should learn to live in harmonious
and peaceful co-existence, tolerant of each other's religious beliefs.
Our children must be taught to respect and embrace individual choice
rather than exposing them to a world where we impose our beliefs on each other. There is true hope for world peace in their future ...
and wearing the Armonitace symbol
reflects your belief and desire that
this can become a reality.

giving back

All net proceeds will be donated to foundations dedicated to the
promotion of tolerance and the improvement of human rights worldwide.

For more information, please visit our
about us and kelly day endowment pages.